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Guest Speakers for the Panel Discussion on Friday the 20th

Gender Mutiny: The Crisis as a Crisis of Subjectivity, its Reproduction and its Negation

Endnotes: Betrayal and the will: Notes Toward a History of the Workers Movement

CrimethInc Workers Collective: Fighting in the New Terrain

Yadira Lopez: On the Failures of the Abstention: Unwaged Labor, Sex Strike, Communism

Updated Schedule

FRIDAY May 20th

-1pm – 6pm Panel Discussion at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in Greene Hall (3347 N Downer Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211)

-9pm Film Screening – A short film about the Danish Squatting Scene During the 1970s and (others TBA)


-11am -2pm Brunch at the CCC (732 E Clarke St.)

-Hang out / space for discussions / wander the city

-10pm – 2pm Dance Party at the Murray Cultural Center

Look To Wisconsin: Milwaukee Conference Concerning Recent Austerity and Coming Crises

Look to Wisconsin; this is the beginning of the American insurrection.”

Glenn Beck, 2/17/11

As the crisis unfolds across the globe, it is more apparent than ever that the situation in Wisconsin is not unique. Scott Walker means nothing: he is simply the local face of what has become a situation of globally imposed austerity.  All over the world, we can hear Scott Walkers of all shapes and sizes telling us that this is necessary, and that we all need to make sacrifices. In each instance, what’s clear is the willingness of those in power to continually sacrifice our lives and well-being in the name of the survival of the capitalist mode of production.

The redemptive quality of the current situation can be found in that everywhere austerity has been imposed, the dispossessed have revolted against the economic system and state apparatuses that degrade their lives. in Greece, France, Italy, England, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain, Libya, South Africa, Iraq. Street-fighting, occupations, festivals, barricades, fires, strikes. In each situation, the persistent triumph of misery over life is contested by life itself. As with the movements of capital, so too must resistance be diffuse, autonomous and international.

It is in this spirit that we are calling for a brief conference concerning these increasingly pertinent themes, offering and providing space for a discussion of how we might envision anti-authoritarian responses to recent and future events which might far outrun us if we fail to grasp the present of our conditions. The fever of activity that shocked many has come to a lull in Wisconsin, though we know that this is not over either here or elsewhere. Instead this lessened pace allows time for reflection that was not afforded to us within a situation that demanded throwing ourselves fully into it. We intend to take full advantage and we encourage others to join us in doing so.

The conference starts Friday May 20th and events TBA will take place throughout the weekend.


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